Thomas’ favorite Open Sandwich


Food when its best



One of the best lunch dishes from the Traditional Danish Kitchen consists of slices of boiled new potatoes on rye bread with a thin layer of lard.

Top with home made mayonnaise, home made crispy fried onions and fine slices of chives.

Don’t forget freshly grounded black pepper and flakes of sea salt.


On the way to our menu….


ART@TINGS 1.0. Looking forward to ART@TINGS 1.1


1 Jazzlegends 20-10-11

On 20th November 2011 we opened Tings Tea Lounge for  the first Art@Tings event

Jazz Legends – A photo exhibitions of portraits of the greatest legends in the history of jazz, shot by two of the greatest photographers in Denmark: Jan Persson and Kirsten Malone.

22 guests turned up to this exhibition of maybe the most important jazz portraits that have ever been (and will be) shown in Nepal. It was during the Jazzmandu Festival where we got a small notice in one of their newsletters. Still nobody came.


After such a big fiasco most other people and or companies would have closed future projects down and kept quiet.

But that idea never came to our mind.

We love art and love to surround ourselves with art we like.

NOTICE: We deliberately don’t say ‘good art’ – art is individual – it depends on the eyes and mind of the spectator. And that brings us to one of the reasons behind our Art@Tings projects.

Our love for art combined with our vision behind Tings (to make a difference for young talented boys and girls) made it natural for us to start up projects to promote local art and artist. Not with money but with our personal involvement, our international network and our passion.

We named the project Art@Tings. Mostly because the easiest and fastest way to help was to present art to all our guest at Tings Tea Lounge & Lounge Hotel. Our walls almost cried out for art.


Art@Tings was started up in spring 2011.

Still it took us almost 6 months before we opened Jazz Legends – an exhibition that had absolutely nothing to do with Nepalese art. We couldn’t find art we really liked.

So instead of doing nothing we decided to start up with art that that would never find its way to Nepal if it wasn’t for us. Hence Jazz portraits and the follow up Home Sick Blues with Danish Art Superstars such as Christian Lemmerz, Michael Kvium etc. Art we hoped would inspire the local art scene.

In the meantime we looked around for the local art and the artist we knew must be out there somewhere.

More than a year and 5 exhibitions later we opened our first exhibition with local contemporary art: NoNameNoThemeJustArt by a group of very talented young artists that turned Tings into a fantastic art fair with all kinds of art everywhere.

This exhibition was a turning point in our involvement. It didn’t sell at all. NOT a single piece of art. A huge disappointment to us because there were unique pieces among the exhibited works. We seriously talked about stopping.

We didn’t.

Instead we decided to change the strategy. We decided to involve ourselves personally in setting up the shows. Not on the creative side – but on the marketing and commercial side.

That changed things.

Both the Prasad and our first Solo exhibition by a local artist became commercial successes.

The 10 first invitations – click

ART@TINGS - the first 10 event


THANK GOD for not stopping after the flop with Jazz Legends.

Today we open our 10th exhibition. DISSOLUTION by Stephen Freiheit. And like the previous 9 exhibitions this is the best art we’ve ever had at Tings :-) And it represents the focus in all projects we get involved in: Attitude, quality, artistic integrity and power. If you don’t remember the previous shows click on the picture above.

Looking back Art@Tings has developed into more than things you can hang on the wall.

Since we’ve started we have worked with Film Festivals in Kathmandu and in Copenhagen, Poetry, various workshops. We’ve worked with food, fashion and probably a lot more which I don’t remember. Today Art@Tings is a creative hub for creatives.

We will not stop our Art@Tings involvement. BUT we will rethink things – we HATE repeating ourselves. We don’t know how, what etc. But we do know that in November 2014 we’ll show Variations of an Idea by Karl Knapp who helped us with the local Art Scene (so why not get him involved in refueling Tings) – and who knows maybe one more event before.


Music means a lot to us – we integrate it in all we do.


We still have a lot of thing we want to achieve

We really want to make one or more shows with our favorite local artists in Europe. And we would love to do something where our local and Danish art friends meet. And if somebody knows where Sudeep Balla is we would love to play with him :-)

And as always we do everything for free and without charging provisions from the sales.


Because we love it and because we can :-)

Annette & Thomas


Tings is a “Selected-Service-Hotel”


New York Times today: Business People Turn Down Frills In Favor Of The Basics Like Free Wi-Fi

There is a category name for the kind of Hotels Tings Tea Lounge belong to. They are called selected service hotels.

In today’s New York Time Martha C. White highlights the new trends among business travelers: From the expensive full-service-hotels towards the cheaper (but more comfy & cozy) selected-service-hotels.

Forget the kale in the minibar and a turned-down bed. For many business travelers, a clean, affordable room without all the frills and in the right location will do just fine.

To us this is old news. Half of our guests are business people that used to stay in business hotels like Radisson, Hyatt etc.

It’s got a comfortable lobby, the location is great, you can walk to bars and restaurants, and it’s easy to get a cab. I’d much rather spend $200 than $400 in that situation.
And they’re adding the style elements so you’re not feeling like you’re staying in a budget place. Ms. MacPhail, about Courtyard Chicago, a selected service hotel.

The key words for hotels like Tings Tea Lounge & Lounge Hotel are: 1) Location, 2) basic conveniences & 3) cozy common areas where you meet people

Although I often stayed in full-service hotels, I was a repeat guest at the Aloft Silicon Valley in Newark, Calif., where the atmosphere encourages social interaction and networking.

You tend to meet like-minded people there. I’ve made some business contacts there. John Cotrupe, Business Consultant

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