Thomas & Annette

Lovers, soul mates, partners in crime… you name it… friends know us as Toga or Tings


Since our first date in this lifetime we have traveled
… short term, long term

… business, back-packing, leisure, pilgrim, camping…

… mentally or physically.
How and why doesn’t matter as long as we are moving.
In 2000 we traveled for 12 months. Not a holiday – a different way of living.
Before we left we made a plan. That lasted less that one day :-)
To give friends, family and fellow travelers an idea about how it is to be rootless and without a traditional safety net for that long time we did a presentation that focus on our daily life on the road…
A mental and physical challenge described in photos only… words are not necessary.
Around the world, #1
About, how to move, where & how to sleep, what to eat, how to shit & shower, relaxing and off course what to see…
About, people / friends / fellow travelers, nature, urban life and life in & with the nature…

Around the world, #3About, daily life and party life on the road, religion, shopping, working …

FYI. We are still on the road…


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